Comeback Story

Album: Mechanical Bull (2013)
  • In 2011, amidst rumors of overindulgence and fights between the band members, the Kings announced a hiatus. This plea for forgiveness finds frontman Caleb Followill addressing his feelings for "these guys, pretty much." He told The Daily Telegraph: "I could see that we were going to do something special out of all the s--t that had happened. It's like a prophecy. Something great is gonna come, that wouldn't have come if things had continued the way they were."
  • The lyrics include a joke that the Followill's grandfather Leon used to tell. "Never talk about a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes. And then you're a mile away, and you have his shoes." Caleb told Billboard magazine: "I knew I was gonna say that at some point in a song, and it so happened I was playing something pretty and it worked with it."

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  • Holly from Florida Best lyric ever......I walked a mile in your shoes.... And now I'm a mile away, and I've got your shoes. Love it! This song has a great message. So simple and so perfect.
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