No Money

Album: Come Around Sundown (2010)
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  • A frustrated Caleb complains on this track that despite his success he feels emotionally bankrupt:

    I got no money but I want you so
    I got so much I cannot handle

    Unlike the Tennessee-based quartet's previous efforts which centered around Nashville as a base, Come Around Sundown was recorded in New York at Avatar Studios. The regimented regime there added to the stress of the situation and may have influenced this song's lyrical content. Caleb explained, "It was kind of a depressing experience. If we'd made it is Nashville, we'd be out playing basketball or goofing off. Here, I'd wake up and hail a cab to the studio, then spend 12 hours a day in a room with no windows." He added, "It felt like we were going to the office."
  • This is the biggest rocker on Come Around Sundown. Guitarist Matthew Followill discussed its sound in an interview with The Music Fix: "When you start with a song called, 'No Money,' you know what direction you're going to go with. You know it's going to be punk rock. You know you want it to sound dirty and raw. And really big at the same time – I mean there's only one thing to do: put some buzz on that bitch. When I put it on the solo…"

    He continued: " Nathan had played a drum part for a long time that was just so bad-ass and I couldn't step away from it. During sound checks I'd always go, 'dude, play that drumbeat.' And it was really hard for him to play it. And he'd play it for so long and I try so hard to write a guitar part for it. And then finally one day, after playing it for months on tour, I finally came up with a guitar part. I remember playing that and he was like, 'that's awesome' and everyone started playing with it. And I was thinking, 'thank God,' because I love Nathan's drumbeat so much! And it's the only rocker on the record."

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  • Holly from Florida Frustration leads to great things for KOL, because this song ROCKS!
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