Album: Only By the Night (2008)
Charted: 99
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  • This song is an attack on people who diss the band. According to the King of Leon's website it "finds the singer pushing back against anyone who says anything against anyone in his band."
  • Frontman Caleb Followill told The Village Voice that this was the track on Only By The Night that took him the least time to write. He explained: "One soundcheck we all played our parts. Like I started playing the melody on the guitar, just kind of found the chords, and literally everyone one at a time jumped in. Then I sang it, and we finished and I asked my soundman if he recorded it, and he said, 'Yeah,' and there's the song."

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  • Keyla965 from Orlando, Afghanistani honestly dont care wat the song means i just know that Caleb has one of the most beutiful voices EVER
  • Hayli from Willis, TxReply to Chris' comment - Song facts are just was they say 'SONG FACTS' they gather the information about a particular song and post it... it's not an opinion.

    You described everything from the Notion's video... not all music videos are made exactly what the song is really about. It's just a directors take on the song. I could write a song about a gold fish swimming underwater or something and a director would film the video like it was a love story.... So you can't base a songs meaning by the video.

    It's totally cool that that is what Notion means to you... but Song Facts is about what the song meant to the artist when they wrote it.

    Again, they are 'facts'
  • Chris from Hamilton, OnHello, i didnt agree with the song fact. I felt that notion was about a drug and social problem, facing the brick wall and walking against people. To the wall blowing up and pushing people out of the way. Still love the song this is my notion.
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