King's X

Doug PinnickVocals, bass
Ty TaborGuitar
Jerry GaskillDrums
  • King's X lead singer Doug Pinnick is openly gay. He officially came out to the public through a Christian publication entitled re: generation.
  • While Pinnick considers the possibility of a genderless, nameless and less distinct version of the God that Christians believe in, he by and large resists the influence of faith on the human race, saying, "The greatest thing that happened to me was, when I stopped believing in God, I stopped believing in the Devil. When I stopped believing in the Devil, all my fear went away. I'm not afraid to die."
  • In each live performance, King's X makes a point of playing at least one song from each of their albums.
  • The band now known as King's X went through several band names before settling on their current one. Some names the band tried on for size include The Edge and Sneak Preview.
  • Members of King's X come from across the country. Doug Pinnick hails from Joliet, Illinois; guitarist Ty Tabor from Pearl, MS; and drummer Jerry Gaskill from New Jersey.
  • The music of King's X was featured in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.


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