Journey Of 1000 Years
by Kiss

Album: Psycho Circus (1998)
  • Gene Simmons wrote this song from the viewpoint of God speaking to one who has just died and is moving through the tunnel of light, to the door of heaven, through that spiritual door to enter the Great Beyond. Consider the following lyrics:
    "I know just where you come from" - God knows everything about us.
    "All your yesterdays are gone" - Death
    "But you've only just begun" - Another life awaits us after death on Earth
    "It's time you opened up the door" - Moving from death to re-birth.
    "And now it's all very clear... this journey of 1,000 years" - The meaning of life and the purpose of the universe finally becomes clear.
    "Can you feel it coming, can you feel the sound, can you feel it coming, can you hear it" - Moving toward heaven.
    "Or is it the roar of the crowd?" - Can you accept this, or is there an Earthly explanation?
    "Did you sleep without dreams, did you fly without wings, did you touch without feel, where nothing is real?" - Did you live life to its fullest? >>
    Suggestion credit:
    jack - athens, Greece
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  • Brian from Chicago Area, Il"Did you sleep without dreams, did you fly without wings, did you touch without feel, where nothing is real?"

    These are variations of lyrics from the song "Within" on the Psycho Circus album, intended to wrap the concept of life (the "Psycho Circus") around the beginning and end of the album. Also, a musical theme found just before the guitar solo in the song "Psycho Circus" is repeated in this song by a strings section before thefade out, another indication of beginning/ending, a kind of loose concept found on the Psycho Circus album.
  • Dave from Melbourne, AustraliaThis song is brilliant. It just shows that KISS can write songs that ain't just about sex and rock n' roll.
  • Axeman from Melbourne, AustraliaKISS grunge album.
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