Nothin' to Lose
by Kiss

Album: Kiss (1974)
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  • This was the first single Kiss ever released. Although the song failed to chart, it remained a concert staple throughout the 1970s and has been featured on many live albums and compilations.
  • Gene Simmons wrote the song. It describes him coercing his girlfriend into trying anal sex, and her subsequent enjoyment of it. He told Classic Rock magazine: "Nothin' To Lose came to me after hearing the line in two different songs. One was a Little Richard song, and another was a song called 'Sea Cruise,' which had the line, 'You got nothin' to lose, won't you let me take you on a sea cruise.'"
  • This was the first Kiss song to feature somebody from outside the group, as Bruce Foster played piano on the track. Foster was a member of Shark Frenzy, which was Richie Sambora's first band.
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  • Debby from UsaThe vocals are mainly sung by Simmons while Peter Criss ad libs the chorus.
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