Mr. Manson

Album: Sir Army Suit (1978)


  • The bridge in the final mix of the song was recorded from a television in the studio. If you listen carefully, on one side you hear Adolph Hitler from a speech at Nuremberg in 1933.
  • While completing the final mix of this song at Sound Exchange studio in Toronto, Ontario, Dee Long was Joined by Ozzy Osbourne. According to Dee, each evening Ozzy would come in with his entourage and drink and party while Dee Worked on Mixing the song, which Ozzy loved. >>
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  • Terry from St. Johns, CanadaThat's Correct Michael. The Carpenters won a Grammy for it as well! The Beatles rumour actually started after a writer named Steve Smith in Providence, Rhode Island, wrote an artical speculating that Klaatu could be the Beatles. Capital Record's beamed the story all over the world, and the Beatles Rumour was started.
  • Michael from Ponce, Puerto Rico, OtherTheir first album had a Beatlesque sound, particularly in the song "Sub-Rosa Subway", but contained no biographical details, thus inspiring a rumour that the album was an anonymous project by The Beatles. This rumour was wide-spread, and was taken seriously by many people. Their most famous song, "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft", was covered by The Carpenters in 1977.
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