Surfing The Void

Album: Surfing The Void (2010)


  • This is the title track from British alternative rock band Klaxons' second studio album. The band were forced to re-record parts of the record after it was originally rejected by their label as "too experimental" for release.
  • The phrase "Surfing the Void" comes from French philosopher Simone Weil's religious and life-affirming book Gravity and Grace. Bassist and vocalist Jamie Reynolds explained to NME July 24, 2010: "Its meaning, I realised had a double application for us. On one hand 'the void' represents where the band were for a time between these albums, it's this same journey that's eventually fuelled the writing of the album. But it's also a cheeky reference to the current musical climate and the void in that situation."
  • In January 2011 it was announced that the album cover, which depicts a cat in an astronaut suit, had won a prize for the best album artwork of 2010. The announcement was made by Art Vinyl, a company that promotes record covers as art.


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