Coming Undone
by Korn

Album: See You On The Other Side (2005)
Charted: 63 79


  • This song is about going psychotically and critically insane. Lead singer Jonathan Davis says the lyrics deal with "when you've reached your point and you're like, 'I can't take this anymore,' and you do something crazy."

    Davis says that on the See You On The Other Side album, he was trying to present more universal thoughts instead of writing about his specific experiences.

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  • Taylor from BrazilThat's interesting, I've always enjoyed Jon's lyrics.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjWhen I saw them on the Music As A Weapon 5 tour they did a medley of this song and Queen's "We Will Rock You". They do go good together. (They would also do a medley of this an "Need To" on that tour.)
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjSo Jonathan it makes you wanna punch yourself? Ha ha jk, great song but my fav off SYOTOS would have to be Liar.
  • Francesca from Bath, United KingdomSince i first watched the video for this song, listening to it makes me wanna stomp on the ground in the hope that it'll cause the sky to fall down... it lead me to a fantastic idea of an x-men mutant ability to write about. never thought korn would end up as a muse :)
  • Nathan Ritz from Paoli, InI can easily relate to this song
  • Jonathan from Paoli, InI like this song because it makes you want to punch your wifes spouse. Yeah, ive been there. But i miss head
  • Cody from Grafton, OhThis is most certainly not an old KoRn song
  • Michelle from Brook Park, MnI love this song. It's just great!=)
  • Elizabeth from Carrollton, MiEven though it's kinda old, it's still like one of the coolest koRn songs ever!
  • Taylor from Pueblo, CoThis is my favorite song by KoRn. WOW! I have listened to this song almost 85 times.
  • Cora from Wausau, Wiloveee ittt
  • Holly from Anchorage, AkI think this song is about living under extreme stress and pressure and approaching some kind of critical meltdown. Everyone else thinks you're strong and you can handle it. But inside you are screaming for everything to just stop ("Wait! I'm coming undone!") but that never happens and eventually you just lose it.
  • Graeme from Carluke, ScotlandThis song is definitely about insanity... mainly going insane, your brain 'coming undone,' along with the ability to be..,. normal?
    Oh, and Jonathan Davis did look insane at Download. Really.
  • Brad from Knoxville, Tnthis probably is a song about going insane,which i think is really cool!!i wonder if they ever got in trouble at school because they just talked about that and never actually did any of it?i mean i like korn and im not putting them down,that just seems to happen to alot of people who dont think the 'norm',and are possibly going to commit a school shooting.oh and heres a little tip if someones planning a school shooting there not going to talk or write about it .and there are no defenite signs of it going to happen so u cant just guess it is!!!!!
  • Jack from Claremont, MnI actually think that this song may be about peoples' false fronts. If you listen, the lyrics say, "what looks so strong so delicate". This is basically saying that what appears to be strong, is really a weak little thing.
  • Joel from Columbia, ScArianna, I think you mean psychotic. Good tune from Korn.
  • Amanda from Wabash, InThi is great sog is great ong to liten o when you are ad a he world.
    -Amanda Wabsh, IN
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