by Korn


  • Evolution is the concept of a species advancing and adapting to its conditions. In this song, corn examines how humans seem to be regressing and destroying their environment. It's similar to the concept the group Devo popularized with their theory of "De-Evolution." The Songfacts for "Whip It" and "Jocko Homo" provide good examples of how Devo incorporated these ideas into their songs.

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  • Tim from Northfield, MnEvolution isn't a concept. It's a process. It's been proven too many times in multiple forms of science and basic observations to be theory. Concepts are ideas based on hypothesis and have yet to be proven.

    As for the song, Humans are indeed adapting to an environment where they are less reliant on self sustainment and have become socially lazy or just purposefully ignorant because they aren't getting the negative feedback to prevent a lax in schooling or even using simple common sense. People aren't thinking as much as they used to because we have machines that can do it faster and our laws have become a joke in most cases where people do things they shouldn't because they know they can get away with it.
  • Francesca from Bath, United Kingdomstop watching tv! it destroys the mind
  • Azalea from Hot Springs, ArThe song is about how we've evovled from being inventive and earth-friendly to being laid-back and carefree, and slowly destroying the economy.
  • Joe from Carver, MaActually, if you look at the theory of evolution by the process of gradualism, people don't use the human brain to its full extent. if you look up all of the info, a lot of studies suggest that the average I.Q of people is going down annually. for some reason, varying among people, they aren't using all of the intelligence they have, whether its dementia, a hereditary mental disorder, or just people like George bush. due to this, parts of the human brain in the thought process are becoming vestigial and will surely shrink and vanish theoretically. that is the point given in this song.
  • Taylor from Pueblo, CoThis song might have a real good point,but then again all of KoRn's songs have a real good point.
  • Jenna from Nova Scotia, Canadaits obviously about how the whole world is de-evolving into a somewhat primitive state.It IS happening.You'll all see.
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