Love and Luxury
by Korn


  • This contains many references to former guitarist Head's departure and current activities with his book and solo project. The song has given the idea to many fans that it is an attack on Head for talking s--t about Jonathan Davis and the rest of the band due to the lyrics "I read your little book, Head... ha ha ha," "You need a reason to believe, a reason to deceive, a reason for the song you're singing" and "You write it, so you'd best believe it,you sold it, now your soul perceives it, you read a book, but now agree with it, the damage of betrayal." >>
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    Keegan - Madison, WI

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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjWhy don't lyrics contain the chorus?
  • Devon from Spokane, WaEverysong he plays,He has Biblical refrences and God and Theres even a song named Adonai,Named after Hebrew word for God(or some language) and the song Flush,is about kicking addiction,alchol,and trying to kick the addiction of sex,accepting god,and not letting sin corrupt you. Even though im not religous i know all that.
  • A.w. from Wichita, Kswatch heads video for the song flush...its got girls licking eachother and s--t...its just like any other korn vid...he didnt get saved or nothing...i think he left the band as publicity stunt to get out of jon's shadow
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