Y'All Want a Single
by Korn

Album: Take a Look in the Mirror (2003)


  • This song is a humorous, middle-finger salute to their record company, Sony, for asking the band to "Write a radio hit" for Take a Look in the Mirror. Said their guitarist Munky: "It's really funny when you think of it... asking a heavy band like Korn to write a 'radio single.' What were they thinking?!?" >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jimmy - Modesto, CA
  • The video was directed by Andrew Jenkins, which shows a mob destroying a record store. The video begins with the members of KoRn themselves smashing all the CDs and breaking the shelves where they were stored in. Throughout the video, statements criticizing the record labels and music industry flash across the screen. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Landon - Winchester, OH
  • This song contains 89 usages of the word f--k, with the repeated line, "y'all want a single say f--k that, f--k that f--k that." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    James - Long Island, NY

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  • James from Long Island , Nyover 8o uses of the word f--K
  • Patty from China Town, United KingdomWikipedia says:

    Captions in the music video

    Music Monopoly?
    One Corporation Owns The 5 Major Video Channels In The U.S.
    Is That OK?
    Last Year The BIG 5 Record Labels Together Sold About $25 Billion Dollars Of Music.
    90% Of Releases On Major Labels DO NOT Make A Profit.
    Britney Spears' Last Video Cost $1,000,000.
    This Korn Video Costs $150,000.
    You Have Seen $48,000 Worth Of Video.
    Will Any Music Channel Play This Video?
    The Music "Industry" Releases 100 Songs Per Week.
    Only 4 Songs Are Added To The Average Radio "Playlist" Each Week.
    Hit Songs On TOP 40 Are Often REPEATED Over 100 Times A Week.
    Is That All You Want To Hear?
    Why Is A Song Worth $.99
    Do You Download Songs?
    Steal This Video.
    This Is A Single.
    Two Radio Conglomerates Control 42% Of Listeners.
    The Record Company Wanted Us To Change This Video. We Didn't.
    Y'all Want A Single.
    90% Of All Songs Get To "The Hook" Within 20 Seconds.
    98% Of All #1 Singles Are Less Than 3 Minutes and 30 Seconds Long.
    Does This Seem Like A Formula To You?
    With All This Said...
    We Love Making Music.
    Is This The Music "Business"?
    Is That OK?
    Thank You For Your 3 Minutes Of Time
    Music Monopoly?
    Love, Korn
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