I'll Show You

Album: The Knife Shift (2014)


  • This is a track from The Knife Shift, which Young recorded with Dave Grohl. The Foo Fighters frontman played various instruments on the album, including drums, piano, guitars and bass. Young told Billboard magazine that Grohl's contributions to the record were a great fit. "Dave is extremely shrewd, incredibly sharp," she said. "He inherently knew what I was trying to do with each song and where I was coming from."
  • Young said to American Songwriter magazine that she is especially proud of this song, "because it doesn't sound like me." She explained: "I wrote it... but it's definitely the child of Dave and me. It was born out of passion and I love all of its features that aren't like me... but are like my adored partner. It's like the music I first loved."
  • Young told Billboard magazine the album was inspired in part by her upbringing in St. Louis and how the city has changed. She explained The Knife Shift title means, "Change. But with a knife. Stabbing it in and shifting it around. It also implies doing all of this while people sleep or working late hours."


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