Not An Addict

Album: Paradise In Me (1996)
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  • This is about drugs and addiction. It's sung in the first person with a voice of desperation and denial. >>
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    dan - Howell, NJ
  • This song was covered by Sally Anthony on her second full-length album, 2007's Goodbye. >>
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    Jenn - Baltimore, MD

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  • Papa Noir from Austin, Tx"If you don't have it,
    you're on the other side"

    I'm sorry straights, and no dispersion or offense or negativity intended, truly not.

    But with that being said, if you haven't or aren't currently coming to grips with the grim realities, surreal flights, horrible bottoms of sickness unto begging.. pleading for death, fleeting wonder inducing ecstatic moments with absolute angels, shining beautiful and sincere - lovely and vulnerable as they glide into the void... If these things don't strike a chord... If you haven't shed bitter tears at a pawn counter and broken into unbearable soaring joy from the success of a minor scam, or finding a ten dollar bill on the ground, while making that following victorious trip to secure a cure which was as unreachable as the sun moments ago....
    Then perhaps give it another thought before airing any shallow judgements, or step back a moment to consider where your compassion may truly lay and whether someone you think of as very close to you actually considers your insight as cold and vapid as a mannequin's gaze.

    ...and, just saying, from Eric's comment, I would easily entertain the possibility that he may be another chemical brother, more entitled to whatever statement he wishes to make - whether cruel self-contempt or lashed out in anger - than most others I see here. I could be completely wrong on that of course, but it certainly isn't anything I haven't heard from any other damaged soul whom is my sister or brother in eternal bondage. Ruination unending.
  • Kevin from UsaHow do you guys know this song isn’t a metaphor for an addiction to a toxic relationship?
  • Joel from Philadelphia, PaCan everybody say "House,M.D."? To Eric:I think that was a very arrogant statement you made. Maybe you don't like drug addicts but you have to remember that drug addiction is a disease and that most drug addicts aren't the violent thugs that are portrayed on television. By the way I am addicted (dependent) on benzodiazapines because of a serious medical condition and that does not make me a junkie because I don't abuse the meds I am given. (So put that in your pipe and smoke it you jerk).
  • Willem from Amsterdam, NetherlandsIf seen a interview with sarah once, they ask here if the songs about drugs, she laugh because she understand everybody thinks that.
    but its writen as a methafor
  • Kaytee from Fort Dodge, IaEric your comment is a very cold statement. anyone who has experienced addiction themself or loved an addict understands that when you become a junkie you become lost in a dark world ruled by drugs. it's easy to label them "filthy" & "dirty" but much harder to sympathize. this song very honestly shares one's painful battle with drugs.
  • Eric from , Pakljbsdf;bvuowre'oibvgwr;ewrjnb
  • Eric from , Pakghvjlvhb
  • Eric from , Paits about being a dirty filthy junkie
  • Amansa from Rock Falls, Ilthe lyrics to this song state that she feels so HIGH not HOT
  • Kelsey from Stafford, Englandits about being hooked on heroin, the taking of the drug, the feeling of the high and te inevitable comedown.
  • Kd from Chicago, IlPaige, not likely. People always get the artists wrong when you download songs online.
  • Patrick from Wevelgem, BelgiumK's Choice is a Belgian band formed in the late eighties by brother and sister Gert and Sarah Bettens.

    The 'K' is taken from Jozef K, the key protagonist in Kafka's 'The Trial'.

    In '95 Sarah recorded "Why don't you try me" with Frankie Miller.
  • Paige from Hobart, AustraliaI downloaded a version of this song that said it was by Fiona Apple? Did she do a cover of it?
  • Frankie from New York City, NyThis song really speaks to me and it always puts me in a somber state when i listen to it. I think K's Choice is an awsome band.
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