Goodbye Town

Album: Golden (2013)
Charted: 80
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  • This song came out of a backstage session between the Lady A trio and Josh Kear during the band's Own The Night World Tour. "Josh came out to see us on the road because that's where we did so much of the writing for this album," said Charles Kelley. "There's just something about this song that I think people can relate to. It's that time after a breakup when everything about a place reminds you of that person, so all you want to do is just get the hell out of there. We really wanted the production to reflect that almost haunting feeling."
  • Lady A utilized for Golden a crew of studio musicians. Band member Dave Haywood told they, "just [tried] to play it like a band–to play it live and get a good performance." By way of example, he described a section of this song. "There's a whole outro that was never part of the original intention," he said. "Those are the moments that are fun when you're in the studio. To approach it more organically and strip it down to just the band and us, lets the song shine through and lets the vocals shine through even more."
  • Charles Kelley admitted that when the quartet first wrote this, it wasn't one of their favorite songs. But thanks to a little production work, it emerged as one of his favorite tracks on Golden. "We had written it a while back, but it kind of got put on the back burner a little bit," said Kelley. "We weren't sure how it would come out, and the minute Paul Worley said, 'Let's just approach it a completely different way,' it just showed itself as one of the frontrunners of this record."
  • Lady A debuted the song during a performance for Tim McGraw's Superstar Summer Nights on April 8, 2013.
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  • Emmy from Bellville, OnI adore this song.
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