Plastic Doll

Album: Chromatica (2020)


  • Lady Gaga touches on the objectification she gets as a female in the music industry. The Mother Monster compares herself to a Barbie Doll as she admits to fitting the archetypes of what a pop star should be like.

    I've got blonde hair and cherry lips
    I'm state of art, I'm microchipped
    Am I your type? Am I your type?

    However, unlike a plastic doll, Gaga refuses to be played with. She doesn't want to be an assembly line artist boxed into a particular style and she won't be toyed with.

    Don't play with me
    It just hurts me
    I'm bouncin' off the walls
    No, no, no, I'm not your plastic doll

    The songstress has feelings like everyone else and she suffers an emotional toll when society dehumanizes her.
  • Gaga wrote the song with Rami Yacoub, J Kash, BloodPop and Skrillex. BloodPop and Skrillex also produced the track. While Rami Yacoub and BloodPop contributed to most of the Chromatica tracks, this was Skrillex's sole credit; J Kash also co-wrote "Enigma."

    J Kash is best known for co-writing several of Maroon 5's songs such as "Cold" and "Whiskey."

    Los Angeles electro-house/dubstep musician Skrillex has remixed several of Gaga's singles including "Bad Romance," "Alejandro" and "Born This Way."


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