Cinnamon Girl

Album: Norman F---ing Rockwell! (2019)


  • The Cinnamomum is a genus of aromatic trees that is largely found in India and Sri Lanka. The inner bark of several species is ground to make a spice, cinnamon, which is used in curries and confectionary. Cinnamon has a sweet taste akin to the rush Lana Del Rey gets from her lover's kiss:

    Cinnamon in my teeth
    From your kiss, you're touching me

    Del Rey previously used the Indian spice as a metaphor in her 2012 song "Radio," where she sang:

    Now my life is sweet like cinnamon
  • As the song progresses, it becomes clear this is an unhealthy relationship. Del Rey's beau is a drug addict whose habit is hampering communication between the pair.

    All the pills that you take
    Violet, blue, green, red to keep me at arm's length don't work

    In the chorus, she begs her love interest to stop hurting her. However, Del Rey doesn't hold much hope as she has suffered abuse from men in the past.

    Like if you hold me without hurting me
    You'll be the first who ever did

    The singer doesn't expect this guy to be any different than the others.
  • The exploration of the close distance between love and pain is a familiar theme in Del Rey's music, especially on her 2014 song "Ultraviolence."
  • Lana Del Rey co-wrote the song with Jack Antonoff, who is the driving force behind Bleachers and a frequent Taylor Swift collaborator. He co-wrote and co-produced 11 of the album's 14 tracks.
  • Does the title sound familiar? Both Prince and Neil Young have also recorded songs about a "Cinnamon Girl."


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