Confidence Game

Album: Confidence Game (2004)


  • "Confidence Game" or "Con Game" is another way of saying "Scam." It is the intentional misleading of one person by another in an attempt to gain something, usually money.
  • Founding Firefall member Larry Burnett enjoys the double entendre of this song's title phrase. "It's a crime, it's a con game," he says, "but it could also be like someone who has a lot of confidence, if you want to look at it like that. I just sort of blended all that. Sometimes words just occur to me around something, in this case it was around 'confidence game.' But if you want me to explain them in too much detail, I won't be able to, because they're just the words that came and they roll off the tongue nice, and they have an impact. But there's not necessarily a story there or anything. They just fit with the music." (Thanks to Larry Burnett for talking with us about this song. Learn more at

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  • Veeb from Phx, AzHow Larry Burnett can put so many words into one verse (Give me a knife i can stick in the back of so many people it's hard to keep track of) is beyond me. He has the talent to do this in so many of his songs, old and new.
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