Album: How Can It Be (2016)


  • This is a bonus track on the deluxe edition of How Can It Be. Lauren Daigle penned the cut with Mia Fields and Hank Bentley (she also penned the song "First" with them).
  • Daigle told the story of the song to NewReleaseToday: "We were sitting in Hank's studio talking about the awe and wonder of God, the places He is taking us and the fact that we get to journey with Him in the process. Through that process, we get to be the body of Christ, and His bride, the church. We started talking about topics that we see the church at large dealing with.

    I brought up moments of when we get overwhelmed with fear when we are on this incredible journey. Mia talked about putting the promise 'there isn't any fear in love' into the mouths of the church at large. Fear is crippling. Let's rejoice in the promise that there isn't any fear in love, because God's perfect love casts out all fear. As we thought about that, we started thinking about how in that pursuit of love and the love that pursues us, which is Christ, how awe-inspiring His presence is. We don't have the adequate response for the joy. That leaves us completely astounded and wordless.

    The song is about us just being before the Lord, completely in awe of things He has done. It totally related to what I was going through, with how God breathed on the album. So we were talking about being in awe, and she says 'what if we were just completely wordless, so that we couldn't even come up with words to express; it's just us singing to the Lord with melodies?'"


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