You Wanted A Hit

Album: This Is Happening (2010)


  • The longest song on This Is Happening at over nine minutes, this is a riposte to anyone expecting LCD leader James Murphy to come up with a radio friendly, three minute pop song. "So you wanted a hit, well maybe we don't do hits," he sings. "I've tried and I've tried. It ends up feeling kind of wrong."
  • This was co-written by Hot Chip and sometimes LCD guitarist, Al Doyle.
  • Murphy is best known for his dance punk cuts, but he did once pen an unreleased song for a certain pop artist called Britney Spears, whom you may have heard of.
  • Murphy told the story behind this song to The NME May 18, 2010: "That came about because I was surfing with a guy's who's in a much more successful rock ensemble. He asked, 'Are you gonna make a radio hit on this record? I wanted to be like, 'You think I'm not trying?' I suddenly thought, 'Well, why don't I make hits?' I kind of like that we don't make hits, (but0 it'd be fun to have one. This probably won't be because it's eight minutes long."


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