by Lecrae (featuring Ty Dolla $ign)

Album: All Things Work Together (2017)
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  • This ethereal, uplifting track finds Lecrae counting his blessings. "I've always felt like before we complain let's be grateful we have breath to complain with," said Lecrae. "God blesses me daily. I appreciate simple things like sunshine and family. I just want people to stop for a minute and appreciate the little things and give folks hope in the struggle."
  • The song is a collaboration with Los Angeles singer and rapper Ty Dollar $ign, who also testifies to his appreciation of all the simple things in life.
  • The Calmatic-directed music clip was shot in a Los Angeles neighborhood over Grammy 2017 weekend. It shows Lecrae enjoying the presence of his loved ones.

    "For 'Blessings,' we wanted to do a video that just kind of focused on everyday things we take for granted, family, gatherings, good food, good people, just God being the source of the simple things," he told "Just a fun time, a good time, enjoying family, enjoying friends, enjoying people. It's like going to Big Mama's house, and when you just got that feeling of nostalgia."
  • The song is built around the concept of Lecrae counting his blessings. He explained to Genius:

    "A long time ago, I went to visit somebody who was doing a life sentence, maybe facing death row, and I was kind of nervous about what that meeting was going to look like. And what to say. I didn't want to say the wrong thing, just trying to be encouraging. And when I got there, he was all smiles. He was like, 'Man I'm blessed. My people love me. God loves me. Everybody loves me. I'm good. I know my fate.' And it challenged me, because it made me say, 'Man, if this dude can smile, if this dude can appreciate the little things, I need to appreciate the little things. I'm about to walk out of this building.' So, just that whole mindset and concept was the idea behind the song. Appreciating the little things."
  • Lecrae explained Ty Dolla $ign's contribution: "Ty's brother TC is locked up as well, and we talked about that and just the whole idea that we could relate to just appreciating the little things and somebody who doesn't have what we have. Somebody that we care about who can't have the little things that we have and that we take for granted. So us being mutual fans of each other's music, it was really just a process of finding a song."


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