• An outtake from the In Through the Out Door sessions recorded in 1978, this song was remixed for Coda, an album of unreleased tracks. A different version appears on Led Zeppelin's 1993 boxed set.
  • This was one of three songs recorded for the In Through the Out Door album but didn't fit onto that album. The other two were "Ozone Baby" and "Wearing And Tearing."
  • Though this song was never released as a single, it hit the US Billboard Top Tracks chart (based on airplay alone) at #4 anyway. Just one more testament to how badly the fans would miss Led Zeppelin, knowing that this album was their swan song (barring reunions).

    Led Zeppelin is one of the most famous bands in history to have never gotten a #1 hit single on the US Hot 100. They only mustered one top-10, with 1969's "Whole Lotta Love." Only five other Zeppelin songs scored in the top 40!

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  • Pjyenn from Indonesia, Indonesiabig thanks to Page for releasing CODA so that we can enjoy Darlene. Marvelous song really. Love Plant's voice and Jonesy's guitar solo. Cool song!
  • Grayson from Evansville, InI agree with Collin. This is one of the best songs on the album. A couple of my friends would listen with me, (i'm 13 btw), but most of them listen to today's trash
  • Sr.jardel from GuaÃ?ba, Brazil@Mason No,I dont... Tell us!
  • Brett from Varsity Lakes, AustraliaWell I first heard this song as 29 years ago in 1981 when I was 2nd year at Uni.
    I loved it then and I still adore it now 19 years later.
    Why don't they do songs like this anymore ?
    Just shows this is pure class. Long Live Led Zep !!!
  • Reed from New Ulm, MnLove the middle part of the song where it goes into like a swing tempo-----these guys could really ROCK!
  • Jake from Baltimore, Mdim am a huge led head, but unlike other led heads i am different because coda is my favorite album and this is a key component to that
  • Brayden from Winnipeg, Mbdespite what some say coda isn't a bad album, this, bonzos montreux and white summer are the best on the album.
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiThe part that I think sounds like Elton John is the bit before Plant sings "Darlene" for the first time. That piano sounds kind of like Elton.
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiAnybody else think a bit of this song sounds like Elton John?
  • Bill from Topeka, KsI love this Song I bought the Complete Studio recordings which by the way are worth every penny but anyway i heard this off of Coda and fell in love instantly
  • Rafael from Belo Horizonte, Brazillast week my friend met a Girl named Darlene and now He want to know the meaning of the song as he doesn't speak english I'll try to translate it, this was the first site where I found the lyrics so I decided to join in.
  • Darrell from EugeneIf I had been born a girl, I would have been named Darlene. My name kind of sounds similar to "Darlene".
  • Niall from Dublin, Irelandgreat tune, fun to listen to

    John paul jones kills on this tune
  • Tom from East Lyme, CtThis is an AWESOME song...I wonder why they took it off ITTOT. Almost all of MY friends listen to Zeppelin, but I know what you mean Collin, I have one friend who listens to crap like puddle of mud and slipnot who HATES LEd Zeppelin
  • Spencer from Richmond, Vai love the rockabilly part at the last half of this song
  • Darlene from Calgary, Canadahehe. my name is Darlene. I used to hate my name but now i love it because Led Zeppelin is cool and they have a song with my name. I agree with you collin. Only one of my friends likes Led Zeppelin and all the other ones trash it too.
  • Collin from Midland, TxWhat about JPJ's keyboards? They're pretty awesome too! I would love to have a few friends my age (I'm 14) that would listen to this with me and not trash Zeppelin...
  • Nick from Solvang, CaOnce I listen to it It's stuck in my head all day, but that's a good thing cause I like this song.
  • Kelli from New Milford, Ctthis is my moms name and when i first made her listen to this song she was like wow i have never had a song about me lol
  • Mason from Greenville, NcWhen you hear this song, you can understand why Plant formed "The Honeydrippers" after the falll of Led Zeppelin. IMO, this is the best song off the Coda album.
  • John from West Covina, CaI actually have that 1993 boxed set. This song's good but not the greatest.
  • Adrian from Wilmington, DeNice journey back to rock 'n roll basics. Page's solo at the end is awesome
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