Wearing And Tearing


  • This was supposed to be released as a single to coincide with their 1979 tour, but it was delayed because of production problems. As pointed out in the book Hammer of the Gods, Robert Plant wanted this released as a single but Jimmy Page didn't, which also contributed to the delay. >>
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  • John Bonham died before this could be released. It was included on Coda, an album of unreleased tracks.
  • They planned to release this under the name of a fake band so it would not be judged as a Zeppelin song and could compete against the popular Punk bands.
  • Led Zeppelin never performed this live, but in 1990, Page and Plant played it at the Knebworth Festival in England.

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  • Fifi from NjThat is hilarious! They were gonna release the song under a different name. like they could fool anyone that it wasn't zeppelin. so silly.
  • David from Lakeland, FlProof that Zeppelin played "speed metal" as in all the other different things they tried. Bonzo got the bass drum pedal bouncing faster then some can with two. Not a favorite but I find it stuck in my head at times. YOU KNOW!
  • Dominic from Marco Island, Fli think this song absolutly ROCKS, i've never heard them like this, in my opinion it's one of their best songs
  • Chase from Miami, FlThis is maybe my favorite Led Zeppelin song. Jimmy Page is a Master. This song is extremely hard to play on guitar Im still mastering it.
  • George from Calumet City, IlAin't that the truth, Peter Griffin.
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiZeppelin outpunks the punks. As Otto, the bus driver from the Simpsons said, "ZEPPELIN RULES!"
  • Mark from Worcester, MiHere's a quote from Robert Plant about his 1990 Knebworth appearance: "That was when Jimmy came on and we did 'Wearin' and Tearin''. I love that song. Page and I wrote that because we were so pissed off at the whole punk thing saying, 'What do those rich bastards know?' First of all, we knew that we didn't have that much dough. And secondly we knew more about the psychotic side of Hasil Adkins than they did. " here's a link to the interview http://pablo.pernot.free.fr/interview_sixtysix.php
  • Paul from Muskegon, MiZeppelin recorded this song in 1980 during the same time they were rehearsing for their upcoming U.S. tour which never happened due to the death of John Bonham.
  • Mark from Worcester, MiI think this was a pretty good swipe at the punk genre, but it surprises me that Zep felt the need to answer their punk critics. What kind of music movement requires you to hate a certain band? Better to just ignore them.
  • Dhani from Casselberry, FlI'm sorry, but I really hate The Sex Pistols and The Clash and those punk bands, so this song makes me happy that Zeppelin did something like this and made it sound good.
  • Mason from Greenville, NcThe barking is a hoot! I assume it's Plant, right?
  • Raja from Austin, TxThe song was actually recorded for "In Through The Outdoor" but was kept off the album because Page did not feel that it fit.
  • Adrian from Wilmington, DeA total "in your face" song to the Punk crowd. Awesome track!
  • Kelly from Los Angeles, Cadoes anyone know what punk bands thought of this song? i think it's great, of course.
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