Album: No Name Face (2000)


  • Lead singer Jason Wade said: "I wrote this about a friend of mine who told me about his childhood. He was telling me how he went to school and was the outcast and everyone picked on him and called him names, and he didn't have one friend. I started feeling the same emotions he must have felt and just started writing these lyrics. I think some of the stuff from growing up in Hong Kong might have been related to that, not having any friends at that age and being, as a family, the outcast in a different culture. The feeling of being alone, of being abandoned, connects to that. So "Simon" came really easily. I wrote it in about 15 minutes. These lyrics just poured out and I wrote them down and recorded it on the spot." >>
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    Patti - Mahopac, NY

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  • Simon from Des Moines, IaI actually did a double-take when I heard the lyrics to this. It's just like my youth.
  • Loren from Wellington, New ZealandThis song is about "tall poppy syndrome" and how the weak need to tear down those that stand out in a crowd to make them feel better. It is also about people only seeing what they want to see in you, not who you truly are and its about having a friend who sees the real you, and how much that means to just have one person who understands
  • Jacquie from Aberdeen, Mdthis song inspired me so much to not care and be different
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