Album: Who We Are (2007)
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  • Frontman Jason Wade wrote this when he was 16 and going through hard times. It was included on the band's first indie record, 1,000 copies of which were pressed back when they were called Bliss. Wade decided to re-record the song when he realized how much it meant to people.

    He recalled on his record label's website: "That was fun to record because of its starkness. We love the idea of the title, surrounded by negative space, like the a cappella beginning. Because when you're lost in confusion, no matter how much is going on around you, you're still alone."

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  • Lynda from Louisiana This song is beautiful and should be a worship song to the Lord!
  • Sherry from OregonThis song takes me to my brother Jim who passed away 9 years ago. There was never a brother and sister closer. He was my strength in hard times, and my heart still aches enormously knowing we won’t be together again until it’s my turn to join him mom and daddy!!!!
  • John from IndianaInteresting that you make no mention of the biblical references (Matthew 14: 22-33). There is no shame in admitting that.
  • Dave from Northridge, CaI hear you, this song is amzing, the power it has upon you when listening to it is amazing. It is an incredibly beautiful song, whether or not it is about christianity or not, most artists write songs so that the listener can intrepret however he/she wants, and I intrepret it about love, although I have to admit, the lyrics are very christian, it sounds like he is referring to Jesus and Peter, and how Jesus will calm the storm, anyhow, great song, great lyrics. The intor is amazing, especially live or the acoustic version.
  • Steph from Claverack, NyThe first time I heard this song, it made me cry. It solidifies the feeling of love, and going through the journey to understand it. This song sums up the trust you gain when you're in love. Being in it, with both feet. Submerged, almost to the point of it taking you under. The "storm" that surrounds you. So sweet and moving. One of my favorite Lifehouse songs!
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