Album: No Name Face (2000)


  • Lead singer Jason Wade wrote this about trying to cope with the divorce of his parents. After the divorce, Wade moved with his mother to Seattle. He is now a huge Nirvana fan.
  • Wade: "I wrote "Trying" when I was 15. It's about the same kind of spiritual searching as "Only One." After my parents got divorced, I wrote the lyrics to it, then learned how to play guitar and came up with the melody. The song's about finding your way in life. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do, what I wanted to become, not just in music but also who I was as a person. I consider "Trying" my first song, the first one I didn't scrap. The funny thing is, I can relate to it more now than I could back then. Sometimes I think, "Man where did that come from?" I still feel the same emotion when I play it, so I guess it's pretty timeless; people can relate to it, no matter how old they are." >>
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    Patti - Mahopac, NY
  • Wade is now disillusioned with the Christian church because of its reaction to some of his fathers "mistakes." Wade believes in mercy and love, his father was shunned.

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  • Shannon from Garland, Txi love the piano at the end
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