Bend Ova

Album: Single Release Only (2014)
Charted: 92
  • Released on July 22, 2014 as the follow up to "Turn Down For What," this song finds Lil Jon commanding ladies to, "Bend over, make your knee touch your elbows." (In other words shake her ass or twerk.)

    Speaking with MTV News, Lil Jon admitted the cut has the same vibe as his hit collaboration with DJ Snake, but is something different. "It's pretty crazy," he said. "It's not 'Turn Down For What' but it's a song ladies can dance to."
  • The third verse consists entirely of Lil Jon commanding a woman, "hands on your knees, bounce that ass like a yoga ball." Speaking with 92.3 AMP/New York Lil Jon said the lyric was inspired by watching women dance on YouTube. "Whenever I do songs like this, I always look at videos of women dancing," he said. "You know, you go on the Internet, you gotta be able to paint a picture, so you need to see. I'm looking at videos and in this one video I'm looking at this girl's ass is so big and she's got yoga pants on. Her ass is so big it looked like a yoga ball to me."

    "And everybody's been in the gym, everybody's bounced a yoga ball once or twice," Jon continued. "You know what a bouncing yoga ball looks like. That's where that line came from."
  • The song features a guest verse from Tyga in which he brags about his sexual prowess with women.


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