Lo Mein

Album: Eternal Atake (2020)
Charted: 8


  • Here, Lil Uzi Vert raps in his aggressive "Baby Pluto" persona about the firearms he owns to protect himself from his enemies.

    Yeah, chopstick came with a large lo mein.

    "Chopper" and "stick" are slang for fully automatic rifles. Uzi plays on the words as "chopstick," which he uses to consume "Lo Mein" (a Chinese dish with noodles).
  • The rest of the song is just as belligerent and braggadocios, as Uzi celebrates his wealth, fame and success with women while threatening to emasculate his haters. He uses the same menacing flow that he adopts for much of the first third of Eternal Atake.
  • "Lo Mein" features production by:

    Brandon Finessin of the Working On Dying collective. A regular Uzi collaborator, he contributed to eight Eternal Atake tracks, plus the single "Sanguine Paradise."

    Pennsylvania producer Bugaz Ronin, who contributed to five of the songs on Eternal Atake.
  • The song came together in Lil Uzi Vert's hotel room. Bugz Ronin told Billboard that Uzi knew the tempo that he wanted, which he explained to the two producers. "I was structuring the melody while he was rapping," Ronin continued. "From what I've witnessed, he doesn't really write. So the fact that he was writing along was crazy to me."

    Ronin added that Uzi laid down his rhymes amidst a Nerf gun fight. "We loaded up the beat, he started recording and got into his little dancing phase," he said. "So when we played the beat, everybody was just turning up with Nerf guns. [laughs] It's not really where you're at or what equipment you got - it's about making it work and sound good."


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