3 Peat

Album: Tha Carter III (2008)
Charted: 66
  • The first track on the album, this song is about the success of the "Tha Carter" album series. 3 Peat, also Three Peat, is meaning the third time: Repeat, Threepeat. >>
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    Will - New York, NY
  • Vaushaun Brooks (aka Maestro) produced this track. The producer and arranger told Rhapsody about this song: "I made the track for Jeezy and originally he dissed it. My friend Shanell Woodgett played it for Wayne and he jumped on it that night. He made the song the length of the snippet. I didn't put the full beat out there. I put like two minutes to allow me to go through all the changes I had made to the track and that's exactly how long he did the song for. He didn't try to loop the two-track or nothing. Also, a lot of producers, they have to say, 'Hey, put my [tag] on it,' but Wayne worked my name into his verse."
  • The term "3 Peat" was trademarked by the NBA coach Pat Riley, whose Lakers were trying for their third consecutive championship. They didn't get it, but Riley continues to earn royalties from use of the term.
  • Tha Carter III was the top selling album of 2008, moving 2.88 million copies. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France

Comments: 2

  • Julia from Escondido, CaThis is one of the best songs made by Lil' Wayne!
    I have a 2 meanings for it one being personal and the other meaning he is dissing his competitors.

    -"f--k is up beat him up like a million uppercuts
    Got a million duffeled up for the f--k of it
    s--t get on my level you can't get on my level
    You would need a spaceshuttle or a ladder that's forever
    However I'm better if not now than never
    Bitch swallow words taste my thoughts
    And if it's too nasty spit it back at me
    No sittin at the table if you bringin nothin to it
    And I get straight to it like it's nothin to it"

    Basically, he is telling everyone he is the best, and you can kiss his ass if you think otherwise.

  • Jay from Windhoek, Namibiaperfect title for the song plus my favorite song onthe carter II was the mobb, and 3 peat is just another song like the mobb and ill too.
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