Leave Out All The Rest

Album: Minutes To Midnight (2007)
Charted: 94
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  • This song is about a man looking for redemption from his past mistakes. He knows he has hurt people and made some poor choices, and now he wants to be forgiven.
  • The original title was "Fear." The band spent a lot of time working on the lyrics, and the song went through many variations before it was recorded. >>
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  • Vocalist Chester Bennington in Kerrang! Magazine: "We knew this was going to be a single from the very beginning, so we worked really hard on making sure it had great lyrics. I'm singing 'Pretending someone else can save me from myself' during it because it's supposed to feel like an apology letter, as though I'm moving on but I want people to remember the good things and not the bad things. A lot of the song is about humility."
  • This song featured prominently in episode 187 of the forensic drama CSI, which shared the same episode title as the song. Executive producer Carol Mendelsohn explained why they decided to use Linkin Park's music: "They have an anthemic sound that's full of strength and simultaneous vulnerability. They were perfect for the show and the conflict within it." The conflict she refers to is Gil Grissom's (William Petersen) unresolved love with Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), who recently left the crime lab.

    CSI's music supervisor Jason Alexander added: "We found the melody and lyrics of the song to work so well with our story, that we underscored Grissom's emotional journey with it. We've been long admirers of Linkin Park and it was wonderful for us to collaborate on something special like this."
  • This is the fifth and final single from Linkin Park's third studio album, Minutes To Midnight. Despite overall sales being lower than its predecessors, the album still managed to debut at #1 in America and went on to earn a quadruple-Platinum certification with 4 million copies sold in the States.
  • This also appeared on the Twilight soundtrack in 2008. It was used during the end credits in the movie.
  • Linkin Park DJ Joe Hahn directed the futuristic music video, which reimagines a day in the life of the band in a space setting. Hahn explained: "We're explorers in space, just like when we go on tour. We're leaving our home life behind, and I guess it kind of ties into 'Leave Out All the Rest,' in that we have to leave things behind in order to do something better."

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  • Ashley from VernalListening to Leave Out All The Rest it sounds to me like it's about himself. It's a beautiful song and I was devastated to learn he died and hiw it came about. R.I.P Chester
  • Dominik J. from GermanyI really was so sad about the horrible news of him, I loved his songs and LP in total. Does everyone know why some quotes state: I'm strong on the "outside"...instead of "surface"? Was this one of the lyric changes? Thanks all!
  • Maria from NevadaShadow from Depression, Va. I hope you’re seeing this all this time later and that you know that you are important and worthy of being here. Please talk to someone, there are people out there who can help on the other end of a hotline, or a counselor, or a priest, whoever you’re comfortable. I’m praying for you. Remember, you are worthy
  • Tiffany from Lashea Beautiful.. #strong on the surface but not all the way through..# when my time comes forget the wrong that I've done.#
  • Przemek from KrakówI've never been a huge Linkin Park fan but recently I've started to appreciate their ability to create catchy yet heavy songs. This one particularly caught my ear and I used the song in class with my students who are English learners. They seem to love it and apart from it's obvious lyrical language learning potential it's a good reason to discuss things like death, redemption, forgiveness, moving on, etc.
  • Shadow from Depression, VaThe song I want at my funeral. A song all about me. My last song, my suicide song, this is just beautiful. Even if it is from my least favorite album by them :D
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlA girl at my school died right before this came out and the lyrics tear me up eveytime I heard this. Wonderful song though. they did an awesome job with it!
  • Joanna from Scotland, United KingdomI like this song a lot, and not because it was on the Twilight Soundtrack. I actually hate that Twilight mucked up Linkin Park's reputation a bit- some people only like them now because they were on the soundtrack.
  • Azalea from Hot Springs, ArTo me, the song is about someone who has screwed up alot and hurt so many people that they feel alone and they dont know what to do. They're telling the one person who stayed with them all along to forgive them, to remember the good they'd done when they were gone.
  • Emily from Around Chicago, IlI don't only like it because it was on the Twilight soundtrack--
    I really don't care for most of the other songs on there. I just love it because it's a beautiful song with a great message.
  • Kayla from Oklahoma City, OkThis is a good song, but sadly, most people only like it (or know it at all) because it was on the Twilight soundtrack... -sigh-
  • Emily from Around Chicago, IlThis song is on the Twilight soundtrack. My mom was playing the CD in the car and I'm like, "This sounds like Linkin Park". So I asked who sang it and she said, "Linkin Park". LOL. When I heard it, I realized it was about a man who felt either he did wrong to others in his life, or felt he hadn't helped others enough in his life. "Help me leave behind reasons to be missed"--he wants to be remembered as a good person. All in all, a very touching song.
  • Tori from Mexico City, MexicoI LOVE this song.... it means SO much to me, and a lot of people.... This is the song that was playing when my current boyfriend asked me out at our choir trip to San Antonio. It also happened to be his favorite song as well.... Now it's "OUR SONG" but anyways i LOVE this song and Linkin Park is the best band in the universe!!! I can't wait to come to one of your concerts!!!
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnVery personal song, I think it's about Chester's divorce.
  • Joey from Louisville, Kythis song is awesome!!
  • Christina from Kankakee, IlI really do love this song and I often will play it to get myself out of a dark mood. I really think the song has a lot to do with that fact that someone has found the person that they want to be with, but things that they did in their past are leaving them with doubts of what will happen to the person they love if they end up dying. I know ppl look too deep into songs, but you sometimes have to, in order to uncover the meaning.
  • Kitty from Montreal, QcThis song is cool.I think the person mentioned in this song is wondering about his death
  • Elmer from Zamboanga, Philippinesi dnt lyk d new album coz its not the rock songs dat they used to make...but still minutes to midnight is a nc album
  • Cristina from Long Beach, Cai love this song too.. i think that it is the best song yet and i listen to this song everyday at least 10 times i lubb linkin park
  • Amber from Livonia, Mii love this song and i think the band did a great job on the lyrics, its one of my favorite songs by this band
  • Naanoo from Kuwait, Kuwaitthis song make me think about the bad things that i did,Especially when i was in high school, and i just want to Apologize to all the peaple that i did them wrong, but unfortunately some of them i can't reach them, how sad...
  • Ryan from Cranston, RiThis song reminds me of my friend who passed away. For the reason that he made some mistakes and did some bad things but just to remember him as a great friend and all the good times we shared with him. The first time i heard this song i though of him and started to cry.
  • Sarang from Mumbai, Indiathe song is about someone who has horribly wrong things that have hurt other peoples feelings and emotions. but now he has realized his mistake. he feels that now there is no way of return from this situation. he is trying hard to improve himself. he knows that people will not care a damn even if he dies or something really bad happens to him because of his bad behavior in the past. but he is apologizing to every one he has hurt and hopes that they will at least forgive him after he dies and he hopes that people will at least benifit from him after he dies by remembering that he is there for them when they are feeling lonely and depressed.
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