Lying From You

Album: Meteora (2003)
Charted: 58


  • This song is about a criminal who is running away from his girlfriend because he is a bad influence on her: "The very worst part of you... is me." >>
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    Spencer - Equinunk, PA

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  • Jenessa from Granbury, TxThis is a tough one but this is my interpretation.
    I believe the song is about a person who lies and pretends to be a completely different person instead of being who they actually are because they feel like they don't meet the standards of others and then they get carried away with it and wish they had been true to themselves the whole entire time because it's taken over.
    Moral of this song is, don't pretend to be something you're not to impress people that will never matter in the long run.
  • Buddy from St Petersburg, FlThis song is about the SELF vs the Ego. The EGO is always referred to as "me". Anytime you or anyone refers to themselves as "me" they are referring to their EGO, which is a fantom that has control over them "self". I listened to this song unconcsiously for years thinking it was a relationship issue about a girl, but truthfully it was a relationship with "myself" (the listener) or "himself" (the singers). The powerful message of "The very worst part of you is ME" is simply saying that the EGO is not really YOU, but a terrible part of you that has taken over control of your life. This very song is about "Awakening" and becoming "Aware" of the dysfunction we all live in, the EGO and how we've been programmed to live by it because it basically causes only suffering and grief to one's true self. Why do you think the ego voice is so mad in all the Linkin Park songs? Because the ego does not want to die, it does not want to be recognized, or realized which is the meaning behind almost all LP songs: Realization!! This is not a religious message, but a truly spiritual one, as the entire album is really about Awakening and becoming Aware / Realized that we are all screwed unless we wake up.
  • Shadow from Depression, VaChester Bennington, in my opinion, is so freaking amazing I don't even know how to describe it. He's got the most amazing voice now, then, and in the future, there will never be one single peron who is better. Mike Shinoda? Close second, rapper of the century, past centuries, and future ones, he has actual SUBSTANCE and MEANING in his raps unlike most rapping out there. LInkin Park ALWAYS!
  • Jeff from Mason, OhI think it is about a guy lying about who he is. With this "stolen" identity, he has become known as someone he is not. I do not think he is necessarily a criminal, but that he is stealing time (second after second). He is trying to bend the truth to keep up the facade, but it is tearing him apart. I don't think it is about parents because he talks to "you" and speaks about "them". He remembers everything "they" taught to him, condescending talk of who who he ought to be. His lies have made him into something he is not. It is not who or what he wants to be, but he wants to be discarded either due to lack of self-esteem of who he has become. Or he wants to be isolated so that he can find himself. I also think it is a song of sacrificial love. He only knows how to lie, so now he is lying even more to break away from a girlfriend whom he is bringing down. I think, "lying my way from you" is a continuation of his lies to make her stop loving him so that he can save her from himself.
  • Alexis from Rock Hill, ScParents and kids, it wouldn't be their first, think numb.
  • Mariah from Fort Worth, Txthis song is about someone that has done wrong in their life ["criminal i am"]. the person feels bad ["this isnt what i wanted to be"]about their actions and tries to hide them ["let me take back my life"]so that their loved ones arent affected "the very worst part of you is me"]
  • Elmer from Zamboanga, Philippinesi thnk its the boyfrnd-girlfrnd thngy is true abt the song..coz der is a part "im trying to bend the truth" nd "so im lying my way from you"..he just wanna force hmself 2 bilive dat everythng is olryt even though thngs are getting worse every day...
  • Mark from Salem, ArI'm sorry, but it's a ridiculous idea that this song refers to a relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. It is very possible, however, that it is one of the following: A relationship between a child/teen and his/her parents. (OR) A self-conversation, if you will.
  • Gabe from Borger, Txyea i thinks that it's about a kid and how parents expect something out of him.

    "I remember when they talked to me
    Remember condescending talk of who I oughta be"

    and then he fakes who he is so his parents will be happy. but in the end he just makes things worse cause now the parents believe he is something he is not.
  • James from Brisbane, AustraliaThis, like most of LP's songs is powerful,
    esspecially starting of with mike's rapping...

    I mean I feel that it is kinda eerie and kinda on the dark side...

    it seems like he is stuck pretending and although he make things worse, he can't leave... well atleast not yet... becuase he "isn't allowed" in a way. and he is trying to leave...

    but anyway this is one of my fav songs... so good and well formulated with such a power behind it
  • Destiny from Toronto, CanadaThis song is basically about a criminal, or just an overall bad influence leaving his girlfriend, because he can't be who she wants and needs.
    "When I pretend everything is what I want it to be, I look exactly what you had always wanted to see" meaning, he can pretend that everything is okay and when he does, it seems as though nothings wrong. However the lyric "I can't pretend this is the way it'll stay" is suggesting that no matter how much he pretends, he can't gaurentee he can do it forever. The chours then says that he wants to leave her, because "the very worst part of you... is me" meaning, he wants the best for her, and hes holding her back from what she wants and needs. "this isn't what I want it to be//I never thought that what I said would have your running from me" this suggests that he must have came out of the closet about his criminal ways and now shes scared (or hesitant) to be with him. so hes "lying his way" from her.
  • Meghan from Portland, MeThis is my opinion and i think this song is allso about a parent kid relationship i no it might sound crazy but just listen. "I looked exactly like what you had always wanted to see" I think that line is about how parents sometimes try to mold there children into something there not. "When I pretend" But the kids only doing it to make there parents proud of them. "I wanna be pushed aside, so let me go" Saying how the kid wants there parent to let them go stop smothering them so mutch. "Let me take back my life
    I?d rather be, all alone!!" now the chield is saying how they rather be alone then be liked for who they arent. This is just my persinal opinion on the song.
  • Chelsea from Cape TownI think it's a great song, very true although you don't get guys like that, if only every guy was Chester or Mike, or anyone of the Linkin Park dudes, they are the best!!!
  • Shanise from Slough, EnglandThis song is so awesome!!! the lyrics are great! it seems like he is trying to get away from someone who doesnt let him go- "I wanna be pushed aside so let me go"
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