Stuck On Repeat

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  • When she appeared on the BBC TV Breakfast news programme in May 2009, Victoria Hesketh was asked to perform live on the couch, so to speak. She had brought with her a Tenori-On, a new musical instrument: part keyboard, part drum machine, part synthesiser, and as small as a laptop computer. Within a minute or so she had programmed it, and performed this song to her TV audience. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England
  • This disco-pop nugget was co-written and produced by Hot Chip's Joe Goddard. His first contact with the Blackpool singer-songwriter came about after she handed to him a demo tape containing an early version of this song. After listening to it he tagged Heskith (aka Little Boots) as "The future of British pop." After posting the song on her MySpace page it became a blogosphere hit.
  • Little Boots originally wrote the song with Australian dance-pop singer Kylie Minogue in mind. She told The Independent: "I marry both worlds – weird electronic music and really sugar-pop melodies. That's my favorite marriage – pushing pop to somewhere new. It's like hardcore pop."

    "The first song I got known for ['Stuck on Repeat'] was me trying to write a Kylie Minogue song, and Joe Goddard from Hot Chip making a Giorgio Moroder beat, and it worked and I believe in that."
  • Goddard told Digital Spy about his collaborations with Little Boots: "It's very straightforward and business-orientated to be honest. Her manager used to be our lawyer. He sent me the demo of 'Stuck On Repeat' and said, 'We want this to sound like a Giorgio Moroder song', so I did just that. Then he sent me the next demo, 'Meddle', which started off as a rock track, but I basically did a Timbaland rip-off and sent it back. They liked that, so I did one more, 'Mathematics', and it was a similar thing. That was the nature of the relationship - they'd send me the parts and I'd work on them at home, though there were a couple of times when Victoria came round to my bedroom to record some vocals."
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