Don't Get Better Than That

Album: Single release only (2018)
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  • This guitar driven track finds LoCash detailing some of the finer things in life.

    Raising all the hell on Friday night
    Holding on your honey under neon lights
    Knowing where you've been, loving where you're at
    Yeah, it don't get better than that

    The song's listing of some special moments has a similar theme to LoCash's 2015 hit single "I Love This Life."
  • The song's music video finds the LoCash duo exploring the scenic mountains of Southern California. "It was refreshing to film just a chill video where we could sit back and really take in what we have accomplished in our lives and career," Chris Lucas told Entertainment Tonight.

    Lucas' musical partner Preston Brust added: "We wanted to show how grateful we are for this life, for our families, and for our career. It's all about knowing where you've been and loving where you're at - that's our journey."
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