Slave II

Album: Bobby Tarantino (2016)


  • This is a track from Logic's mixtape Bobby Tarantino. The record's title combines Logic's real name, Bobby, and movie director Quentin Tarantino, whom the rapper has long admitted is a favorite.
  • This song was originally recorded over the beat from Bryson Tiller's "Rambo." Logic revealed to Genius:

    "Originally this entire mixtape was meant to be exactly that—a mixtape rapping over other people beats with only a few original songs much like my and many others older mixtapes. However, half way through the tapes creation, a conversation with management about streaming the project changed that. So certain songs that originally were going to be over other known beats had to be completely changed. And much love to Bryson, I wish I could have released ["Slave II"] over 'Rambo.' But we made our own beat from scratch in the same key. And added the second half for a fun switch up."


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