One Kiss Goodnight

Album: Bittertown (2004)
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  • This song was inspired by singer/songwriter Lori McKenna's marriage. As she tells it, "I'm sure I was sparked by something in my marriage that reminded me of just this thing that happens quite a lot with people where you get complacent. It's kind of like the character in 'Stealing Kisses,' but it's not as desperate. It's just sort of like, Hey, I love you and you love me, so pay a little attention, show a little love.

    "I think this song came from this whole thing in my marriage that happened, and - this is horrible and it's kind of corny - but I think it actually came from an Oprah show where they talked about the first time you see your partner for the day, like just look at them, drop what you're doing for one second, look them in the eye and give them a kiss. Like one little kiss is going to really add so much. Just five seconds of paying attention and connecting for three seconds, and then one little kiss, and then 'How are you doing?' You know what I mean? And it was this whole thing where I swear I had seen it on TV and it was probably on Oprah, it's just hysterical. And my husband came home, and at that point we had four kids, and it was one of those things where my husband would come home, and I would say 'Hey, how you doing?' and not even look at him, because I'm doing my thing and then he's doing his, and then homework and everything else. And it was just sort of this reminder, like let's pay attention and just be nice to each other a little bit."

    She doesn't recall specific details about where she was when she wrote all of her songs, but with this one, "I remember writing that song. I was sitting at the dining room table, my daughter was in her high chair, and I was singing 'One Kiss Goodnight' and she was blowing kisses at me. And I'll never forget that, it was so cute. I actually might have it on a mini disk with her blowing little kisses. And she was a baby, she was one year old. She was funny." (Check out our interview with Lori McKenna.)

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  • Echo from Normalville, MaCan't believe you people don't comment at all for this song. It rocks.
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