Album: World Without Tears (2003)
  • Lucinda Williams has many opinions about Nashville, few of which are favorable toward the city. The famed center of the Country music universe paid her little attention until "Passionate Kisses" became a hit and, even then, no one knew what to do with her... except pester her about her religion. When asked by Guitar World Acoustic if "Atonement" was a protest against Christian fundamentalism, she replied: "It was more from living in Nashville for years and having religion stuffed down my throat every day. There, people wouldn't ask, 'Do you go to church?' It was 'Where do you go to church?' But it certainly goes against the grain of George Bush's idea of divine right. It's pushed some people's buttons like 'Get Right With God' did on Essence."
  • Williams said the music for this song was inspired by ZZ Top and Howlin' Wolf - "that real deep, drivin' sound."


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