Lie a Little Better

Album: Road Between (2014)


  • This song finds the protagonist unsuccessfully playing coy around someone she wants. Hale's second single from her Road Between album, the tune was released to radio on July 21, 2014.
  • Reigning hitmakers Mike Daly, Chris DeStefano and Melissa Peirce penned the song after talking to Hale about her life. "I was completely, completely intimidated by some of the people I got to work with," the singer admitted to Taste of Country. "I mean, these are kind of people that know what they're doing. I was just blown away just talking about the songwriting process - just going into it and seeing how these people work. They're like machines."
  • Hale filmed the video over the June 21-22 2014 weekend at the Grand Ole Opry. The clip was directed by Philip Andelman (Taylor Swift, Beyoncé).

    Hale said that performing on the Opry had been a personal goal for most of her life. "Little girls dream about their wedding dress," she explained to the crowd during her debut at the legendary venue. "I dreamed about the dress I was going to wear on the Opry."
  • The song was inspired by a crush Hale had on someone she used to work with on Pretty Little Liars. "In life, in general I'm not one to fall to pieces over a guy or give up anything; I'm very headstrong. I'm very focused on what I do and very independent, but there was this certain guy that I was acting like an idiot around," the singer-actress admitted to MTV News. "I was fumbling over my words, I was stuttering, I couldn't focus, I couldn't look him in the eye. I was just crushing so hard on him," she added. "So it's just kind of a funny way to say that sometimes you just have to cover it up, sometimes you have to lie a little better."

    Hale added that the song's subject still doesn't know it is about him. However, as "that ship has sailed," she is keeping her lips sealed regarding the guy's identity.


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