Floral Dresses
by Lucy Rose (featuring The Staves)

Album: Something's Changing (2017)
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  • The lead single from Lucy Rose's Something's Changing album, this represented her first new music in two years. Rose said:

    "I always think that some of the best songs are the ones which can stand on their own with just one instrument. The message is pretty clear and I hope other people will find comfort in it, and realise they are different but also the same as many people."
  • Lucy Rose discussed the song's lyrical content during a track by track interview with Bandwagon:

    "I think 'Floral Dresses' is the first time I've really described a certain part of who I am. I think the travels did inspire me because sometimes I felt like I didn't fit the mold of society and all of those things.

    While I was traveling, I met girls all over the world who were just like me, who I could relate to, which really gave me the courage to write this song."
  • Rose teamed up with sibling trio The Staves to record the song. She said:

    "The Staves was an absolute dream for me. I'm a huge fan of them. If you've come to any of my shows, you'd know the music that I play before I go onstage is The Staves' record. So when I wrote that song, I could really hear some harmonies in my head. But I just didn't think it would be right for me to do it, so I sent it to them and asked them if they would be up for it.

    We recorded it first week of January. One take, all of them around the mic, and it was the most amazing thing."


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