Call Ya Bluff

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  • This aggressive track finds Ludacris venting about rappers who won't approach him in person the same way they speak of him in the booth. "I'm tired of people in rap music – and it's nobody in particular – it's just [that] I've been in my share of industry beefs and things of that nature," Ludacris said during a Ludaversal listening party. "But it's still people that talk s--t, whether it's subliminal or not. It's like… I just hate when they say something behind the microphone and then you see them in person and then they're like, "uhh…nah, you know it wasn't nothing."
  • Ludacris warns his haters not to mess with him during his second verse, because he'll do anything to protect his family. "I never claim to be the hardest dude in the life," he said, "but you f--k with my livelihood, my family and my kids and it's gonna be some problems, ya hear."
  • To call someone's bluff means to challenge a person on their stated intention. In the game of poker, (which was formerly known as bluff), calling someone's bluff historically meant making an opponent show their hand to reveal its value was weaker than the heavy betting suggested. Ludacris is saying here that he doesn't believe that any of the rappers slandering him on their records are truly man enough to approach him in person with their beef, so he calls their bluff.
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