Happy Home

Album: Lukas Graham (Blue Album) (2015)
  • This was originally released as a single by Danish DJ Hedegaard featuring the vocals of Lukas Graham Forchhammer. The song proved so successful in Scandinavia (it topped the charts in Denmark), that Lukas Graham ended up adding it to their second album. The Lukas Graham (Blue Album) version is a little more acoustically produced.
  • Lukas Graham Forchhammer sings here of his memories of his late father and his happy home. The singer also admits that he still gets nervous when his mom attends a show.

    Forchhammer said in a Genius attribution: "My mom is one of my biggest critics. She's such a good singer, she's a music teacher who teaches disabled kids—she can always hear when I'm uncomfortable, when I haven't spent enough time at a sound check. She won't be mean about it. It's not like she'll put me down. She'll just say 'are you alright? Do you need to change the setup?' It's happening less and less, as we and the people working with us have gotten better and better."


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