I Never Dreamed

Album: Street Survivors (1977)
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  • One of Lynyrd Skynyrd's deeper songs, this is about finding the right woman and losing her. In the first verse, Ronnie Van Zant sings that his father told him to be strong, not to cry and to love and move on quick. He can't do it because he has found the right woman, but she is gone. Now he is down and is begging for her to some back... something he never dreamed he would do. >>
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  • Van Zant wrote this with Steve Gaines, who joined the band as a guitarist in 1976. Gaines had an immediate impact on the band, writing or co-writing four of the eight songs on Street Survivors, which was released three days before the group's plane crashed in Mississippi, killing Gaines, his sister Cassie (a backup singer with the group) and Van Zant.

    Gaines is the only band member other than Van Zant to take a lead vocal in the pre-crash Skynyrd era. He sang lead on "Ain't No Good Life" and shared lead vocals with Van Zant on "You Got That Right."

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  • Djs from TennesseeOne of my favorite Skynyrd songs. It came from some very early Muscle Shoals sessions and had been in the can for many years. Long before Steve Gains ever heard of Skynyrd this song was recorded. I'm not sure why he was listed with credit for writing this song as he was not in the band when it was written and recorded and he did not perform on this recording. I have always admired Steve's playing style. He was a beast no doubt but this was well before his time in the band. I Know a Little now that is some Steve Gains.

    Another side note would be that Greg T Walker fron Blackfoot was on the bass on the song One More Time.
  • Philschon from FloridaTHAT Intro!!! ....‘nuff said
  • Dana Bufis from Orlando, FlSteve Gains was a monster talent. His contribution to Lynyrd Skynyrd was monumental. Nothing taken away from the members of the band but he kicked it up a notch and even Ronnie Van Zant said: "Someday we are all going to be in his shadow, " meaning Stevie "Crawdaddy" Gaines.
  • Mauricio from Niteroi, BrazilMy favourite song!
  • Andy from Calgary, AbEach guitar solo is stunning. The bass playing by Leon is simply stunning. Rumour has it this song deals with Leon and problems he was having in his life at the time. With both women and other 'substances'.
  • Prad from Pondicherry, IndiaThe guitar solo in the middle of the song is simply awesome, though i feel Gaines should have built on it a little more
  • Jenna Madsen from Eureka!, Cafirst to comment this song, my dear! i love it. his voice and true soul comes out.
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