I Never Dreamed

Album: Street Survivors (1977)
  • My daddy told me always be strong son
    Don't you ever cry
    You find the pretty girls, and then you love them
    And then you say goodbye
    I never dreamed that you would leave me
    But now you're gone
    I never dreamed that I would miss you
    Woman won't you come back home

    I never dreamed that you could hurt me
    And leave me blue
    I've had a thousand, maybe more
    But never one like you
    I never dreamed I could feel so empty
    But now I'm down
    I never dreamed that I would beg you
    But woman I need you now

    It seems to me, I took your love for granted
    It feels to me, this time I was wrong, so wrong
    Oh Lord, how I feel so lonely
    I said woman, won't you come back home

    I tried to do what my daddy taught me,
    But I think he knew
    Someday I would find
    One woman like you
    I never dreamed it could feel so good Lord
    That two could be one
    I never knew about sweet love
    So woman won't you come back home
    Oh baby won't you come back home Writer/s: RONNIE VAN ZANT, STEVE GAINES
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Dana Bufis from Orlando, FlSteve Gains was a monster talent. His contribution to Lynyrd Skynyrd was monumental. Nothing taken away from the members of the band but he kicked it up a notch and even Ronnie Van Zant said: "Someday we are all going to be in his shadow, " meaning Stevie "Crawdaddy" Gaines.
  • Mauricio from Niteroi, BrazilMy favourite song!
  • Andy from Calgary, AbEach guitar solo is stunning. The bass playing by Leon is simply stunning. Rumour has it this song deals with Leon and problems he was having in his life at the time. With both women and other 'substances'.
  • Prad from Pondicherry, IndiaThe guitar solo in the middle of the song is simply awesome, though i feel Gaines should have built on it a little more
  • Jenna Madsen from Eureka!, Cafirst to comment this song, my dear! i love it. his voice and true soul comes out.
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