Blue World

Album: Circles (2020)
Charted: 38


  • The association of the color blue with sadness originates from "blue devils." The phrase was first used in 17th century Britain regarding the visual hallucinations that can accompany withdrawal from alcohol after excessive, prolonged use.

    By the 19th century, the term "the blue devils" referred to a despondency or spiritual depression. In the 1870s, African-American men and women started singing the blues, a form of folk song that expressed their unhappiness in the Deep South.
  • Mac Miller had well-documented struggles with depression. Here, the rapper talks about trying not to give in to the blue devils.

    The devil on my doorstep bein' so shady
    Mmm, don't trip
    We don't gotta let him in, don't trip

    Though this world is making Miller "crazy," he trying to resist the temptation to go under.
  • During the second verse, Miller reminisces on a happy time when he and his girlfriend were driving in a car listening to their songs. It is likely Miller is referring to his relationship with Ariana Grande, as she is the only girl in the music industry that he's known to have dated.
  • The song kicks off with a sample of male vocal group The Four Freshmen's 1952 song "It's A Blue World."
  • The electronic-tinged production comes courtesy of Guy Lawrence in his first collaboration with Miller. The UK producer is as one half of the EDM duo Disclosure, whose collaboration with Khalid, "Talk," was a worldwide hit.


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