La Tristesse Durera

Album: Gold Against The Soul (1993)
Charted: 22
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  • Manics guitarist Richey James Edwards (from Melody Maker, June 19, 1993): "We took the title from a book on Van Gogh, although the song's got nothing to do with Van Gogh. It means something like 'the sadness goes on,' and it's about the way life doesn't get any better as you get older. It's always a beautiful image every year when the war veterans turn out at the Cenotaph, and everyone pretends to care about them - but then they're shuffled off again and forgotten. I'm much more sympathetic towards older people than towards my generation - I think they have a lot more dignity, and seem to be able to take care of their problems themselves. People of my generation seems to be so selfish. I'm no exception, because you can't escape from the culture that surrounds you. A phrase like 'Trade Unionism,' and the idea of caring about the community you come from, is now seen as laughable - and of course, that's a product of the political culture over the last 15 years." >>
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