The Things We've Handed Down

Album: The Rainy Season (1993)


  • Marc was inspired to write this after leaning of his wife's pregnancy. The song is about his unborn child. >>
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    Wes - New Orleans, LA

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  • Bob from York, Pa UsaThis is a haunting song. The part where he sings about the sad reminder of things we've lost along the way and "maybe you can help me find her in the things you do or say" paints a picture of a sad father to be awake alone at night, hoping that the birth of his child might heal a troubled marriage or repair a broken one. I sense his wife is gone, either literally or in spirit.

    His self-deprecating words speak to me of a husband who has poor self esteem and is accustomed to being the inferior partner in the marriage.

    This can be a hard song to listen to.
  • Volker from HamburgBesides the one by Art Garfunkel, other cover versions of "The Things We've Handed Down" by Anthony Miltich, Briana Corrigan, Carol Lang, Fester Spunk, James Steensma, Jeremy Sassoon, John Gorka, Susan Anton and Tommy Fleming can be found on Spotify – one more romantic and tender than the other.
  • Brian from Chicago, IlI love this song! It captured and added to my experience of expecting a new baby. It got me more in touch with the incredible thing it is to have your genes past on and from where these genes came from. I am even more excited for my new baby!
  • Brian from Chicago, Il"On August 7, 2005 Marc Cohn was shot in the head during a random attempted carjacking after a concert in Denver."

    I found the above tid bit on his website

    There is much more about him and his influences in his bio. I didn't want to post it for fear of some kind of plagiarism allegation.
  • Stu from Suffern, NyWhile the songwriter deserves much credit, a cover version by Art Garfunkel has Mark's version beat for smoothness and beauty.
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