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Album: Mechanical Animals (1998)
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  • This song is about a girl who believes she has a lousy life, so she takes drugs to numb the pain. She tries to save herself from life by using the drugs. >>
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    Vinny - Selden, NY
  • The message of this song seems to be that pills won't make your life better: they can make you act and feel different, but you will never escape the problems you have in your life. In the video, Manson is representing the JFK assassination. After the assassination, Jackie, his wife, was deeply depressed, and anti-depressants couldn't take away what happened. >>
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    Jakob - Pasadena, TX
  • Samuel Bayer, famous for his work on "Smells Like Teen Spirit," directed the video.

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  • Dan Gillespy from Courtenay BcA timeless classic.
  • AnonymousHe's talking about Eve and the fall of man kind
  • Melissa from Tampa, FlI LOVE this song. I went thru a MM phase around 1998/99 when I was going thru [one of my] rough times in life and this album in general was worn out. To this day, when im feeling emotional, I listen to this song REALLY LOUD and it resonates in me a feeling that im not alone in my thoughts of feeling "numb" or "wanting to be saved from myself". One thing I noticed for the first time while watching the video lastnight (and I've watched it numerous times) was a flash of an older lady with blond hair, red lipstick, and a mole crying hysterically during the "assassination scene" of the character MANSON is playing in the video. Now, it made me think about the controversy surrounding the alleged affair between Marilyn Monroe & JFK and being that they only show a few quick flashes of her in the video as a person crying on the street after he is "shot". So i was thinking, Marilyn Monroe had problems with pills... taking one to wake up, one to say ACTION!, one to go to sleep, etc. And Hollywood ate her up and made fun of her and ultimately destroyed her, like many others in positions of influence or high power. I saw this flash of her in the video as an Old woman hiding on the sidelines because she was his secret and she felt the pain of his death just as everyone did, but she's not a feature in the video... only a small flash on the screen. Not that it had anything to do with the lyrics, but I thought it was worth mentioning as perhaps an underlying example of what the lyrics mean.
  • Sue from Hampshire, United KingdomI'm not sure of the exact meaning for Manson...but for me it hit home hard. My own personal interpretation is a girl who self harms, has been put on so many different drugs by mental health, and no matter how numb/dumb/or anybody else they make you......they will never save her from her own destructive behaviours. That's my own interpretation of the words as i self harm.....have been put on all kinds of drugs from mental health over the years....they make you feel stupid(dumb), they make you feel numb, and some actually make you feel like you are someone else.........but as much as these meds try to sort you out...when it comes down to it..i am self destructive...and the pills will never save me from myself. I like this made me think. Ty manson.xx
  • Blzqueen from Bikini Bottom, Madagascari think that in this song there are actually three factors of creation...A)i think that he want to pass that JFK was a man who wanted to create a "perfect"world and that they through him away by killing him B)secondly i believe that there is nothing to do with drugs.the basic theme that he want to express propably is that we sould not try to avoid our problems because they ll always be haunting us ..we should try to solve them and to learn better ourselves because we can t escape from us either.."won t save her from herself"..drugs is just a way to avoid our problems thats why he use that ...we should not forget that he could talk and about himself here because manson was or is a user:S and he could express his feelings in this song of trying to escape from his thoughts with their help..but he means that this is not the right way..C)and finally i believe that the song it s about a girl or a boy that was close in his early years and maybe he|she believed that was superior than brian..shehe was living in a "perfect" fake world ....
  • Jamie from Granite Falls, NcManson told the meaning of this song in an interview when it came out on a radio show called Modern Rock Live and well everybody is way off the mark on the song's meaning. Don't feel bad though i was too and i still don't know after I listen to him explain. But I do know it has nothing to do with drugs or being in a coma. He said it was about something or someone whom he cared deeply about but could never coexist with.
  • Lin Lin from Pinson, AlThis song is personally one of my favorites. It simple and beautifull it speaks about a drug using girl who uses drugs to hide her pain- but in the end only she can save herself from herself.
  • Grayson from Vancouver, Bci love this song, it is one of my absolute favorites by him, but it makes me really sad
  • Thy_frnicatr from Ft.worth, Txits about when he was going out with rose mcgowan
  • Maria Isabel from New London, CtI think there might be a girl he knew and loved at one point and maybe she was addicted to pills. It might have even been a relative of his. It seems like a personable song.
  • Catrencella from Shelby, NcHEY!! HE IS NOT FREAKY!!! You know, I was reading the autobiography of Marilyn Manson. he was talking about some girl he was best friends with (lol, im just as suprised as u r)well her parents were all christians and always told Manson about how the girl was better than him cause he didnt go to chruch. Well one time they going somewhere and she was teasing him about how skinny he was, and he put his hand over the girls mouth. Well she was still laughing and she accidently blew mucus all over his hand, and from then on, he was never friends with this girl after that. I thought that was kind of stupid
  • Nick from Downigntown, PaIs this song anti-drug? It seems like it may be.
  • Lars from Copenhagen (now Living In Us)Freaky, freaky. This dude is so f--king freaky. Not a knock though.
  • Andrea from Modesto, Cathis song is a great one to listen to when your felling least i think it is...
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