I Want To Disappear

Album: Mechanical Animals (1998)
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  • This song is about growing up and how people change because of the way they are raised. It seems to be talking about how Manson's parents were abusive, which caused him to change his morals and attitude towards life. >>
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  • Dan Gillespy from Courtenay BcThis song rocks.
  • Cortney from Grand Junction, Cohis parents werent abusive persay.he says they were more neglective which i agree.but yes it was the bible bashers definitly
  • Jake from Elkview, WvI read the Long hard road out of hell and the only abuse came from the bible bashers at his christian school...Yea his parents may have been a lil' religiously dictative but the only one that really abused him was his dad...
  • Brosive from BermudaAfter reading Brian Warner's autobiography, Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, I've come to the conclusion that this song is about how he, when he was young, was made to believe that christ exist, armageddon is coming and everything else he was made to believe was true. After realizing it was all false, it drove him to do the opposite. He realized he was living a pseudo-life with pseudo-beliefs. His mom is going crazy because she has been deceived by a husband who has changed into a abusive, paranoid man that tries to control her. After going through all this trauma, it has made him believe that no one is to be trusted and just wishes that he wasn't alive, or to just be able to run away from it all to hopefully find some kind of happiness or solace.
  • David from Lakeview, NcSeriously, they weren't abusive... That fact is wrong... Outside of occasionnaly being beaten as punishemnt, but it wasn't to the point of abuse.

    However, he does talk about he went through a phase where he was abusive to his mother.
  • Emma from White Rock, CanadaHis parents weren't abusive. According to his autobiography ("long road out of hell" or something), they were the opposite.
  • Shay from Davis, Ca"And we love the abuse because it makes us feel like we are needed". what a cool verse.
  • Lithium from Kennesaw, GaManson's parents were not abusive read The Long Hard Road out of Hell.
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