Can't Pin Me Down


  • This song finds Marina Diamandis telling listeners she's a woman who believes in individuality and is not tied down by a traditional feminist agenda:

    Do you really want me to write a feminist anthem
    I'm happy cooking dinner in the kitchen for my husband

    Marina explained to The Guardian: "It's about women, mainly. It's about what people expect you to be or who they think you are, when actually they have no f--king idea. People don't know who I am and so as an artist that's really frustrating because your whole aim is for people to understand what you're trying to express. Am I feminist though? F--k, yes. But even with feminism it's not about being independent the whole time. There's nothing wrong with being a housewife."
  • Marina is singing in particular how the media treats female pop stars: "If I got into an artist who was playing a character and then realized that they have another body of work, you're like, 'So who is it, then?,'" she told Time. "[That happens] particularly with female artists, maybe because identity is such a shaky thing - it feels like you're constantly trying to be defined."

    "Maybe it's because we can change the way we look so easily compared to male artists," Marina added. "I always get the impression that media are like, 'She's not really the artist, someone else is creating that.' With this album I want to make a point about writing the whole thing because [then] you can't say anything - you know I'm the sole creator. There aren't many of those artists anymore."


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