Reflections Of My Life

Album: Reflections of the Marmalade: The Anthology (1970)
Charted: 3 10
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  • This dramatic ballad from the Age of Aquarius finds the singer describing a very bleak outlook on life and the times. The song was sort of a hippie version of the blues. >>
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  • The Marmalade were a Scottish pop group who enjoyed several hits in the UK between 1968 and 1976. Originally a band called Dean Ford & The Gaylords, they changed their name to Marmalade in 1967. They are best remembered in Britain for their cover of the Beatles song "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" which topped the UK charts around Christmas 1968. In 1969, they signed to Decca Records, and their contract gave them complete freedom to write and produce their own records. The fruits of this arrangement was the recording of this song with its distinctive backwards guitar break, which was their only American hit.
  • This song was written by vocalist Dean Ford and the band's main songwriter, keyboardist Junior Campbell. Campbell went on to pen the theme from the British TV series Thomas The Tank Engine, which was narrated in its first two seasons by Ringo Starr.

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  • Mark The Music Savant from Oakland CaThis is a brilliant song. Fantastic chord progressions, great vocals and harmonies, and a guitar solo so melancholy it cuts to your soul just like the lyrics. Plus, they wrote this in their 20s. What have you done in your 20s that will be remembered for eternity?
  • Nick Medina from Villahermosa, Tabasco MxOh, how i've cried with this one.
  • Susanmaple from VermontMike O. from Indiana: The 2014 video of Dean Ford's rerecording of this song shows handwritten lyrics in the video. It says "all my sorrows and " my old home."
  • Fredrik from NorwayI read some years back that one of the guys in the band read a book written by a Vietnam vet. This book moved him so much that he wrote the song. I was a teenager in the 60,s.You got News from Nam everyday, tv and newspapers unfiltered. Horrible stuff. Worked in the Us for many years. Worked with some Nam vets, what they told me made a huge impact. This song has always been on my top list.
  • Charles Taylor from Myrtle Beach, ScDean Ford was the lead singer of Reflections Of My Life as a 20 something. He died a few years ago at around 72 but before passing he re-recorded this iconic song of my life. Here is the link! It will put chills down your spine:
  • Karen, Expat In Belgium from UsMarmalade was one of those bands that never really got the recognition they deserved. Several solid hits that just didn't make it across the pond. This wasn't a downer song, but it helped frame a downer time. Too many good people coming home in boxes, including some very good friends. I quit going to funerals, I couldn't cope with the mental demands. To the naysayers, do you dislike "Paint It Black" by the Rolling Stones? It takes more than one, or two, songs to frame such an era. Try "Fixin' To Die Rag" by Country Joe Mcdonald. Its on the Woodstock album.
  • Rick In Indiana from IndianaThis song seemed to sum up much of how we felt in Vietnam. I was there in 1969 and we loved this song.
  • Mike O. from Indiana Help! What are the correct lyrics? Some sites says “All my sorrows” and “take me back to my old home”. Other say “Oh my sorrows” and “take me back to my own home”. What’s right?
  • Sal from California David from Georgia ...I agree with your comment to to Cheryl in California. I was getting ready to enlist in the Marine Corps a couple years after this song came out in 1970. The last Americans were being taken out of Saigon in May 1975 two years into my service time and although I didn't see any combat ( I enlisted to fight but they weren't sending any more troops in) I saw first hand the carnage of the guys coming back to Base. Truly heartbreaking. These people like Cheryl have no clue, this song brings tears to my eyes thinking about those poor guys...Semper Fi.
  • David from Georgia This is for Cheryl in California; Hun, if you were in the jungles of Vietnam there’s no doubt in my mind that you would have a completely different opinion of this revelatory song. Peace
  • Camille from Toronto, OhI like the song, and liked it in the 70s when it was popular. Can’t say I knew all the words to it back then. But I can understand why it was popular. Many people listen to the car radio while they’re driving somewhere alone, and isn’t that often a time to be reflective? Many people recognize that the world is a bad, terrible place, yet they sure don’t wanna die. They relate to these easily decipherable words. Also, many people go through changing and rearranging their lives at various times. So people tend to pick out different parts of the lyrics that apply to their lives, and not necessarily to the song as a whole. Pair all this with a mellow tune and you got a timeless hit.
  • Noe from VlcBeautiful song. The first time I heard this song was in this scene.
  • Marianela from Miami"Overly Dramatic Ballad", you say? Did you serve in the Vietnam world?
  • Les from ArkansasMusic spans the scope of human emotion. It can not all be "Sunshine, lollipops. & rainbows" everywhere. When I connect to a song, either because I have been in that place or because I am in that place, I feel less alone. Or maybe, I sing with the music because "he's singin' my song." Singing lifts my spirits no matter the lyrics. If a song does not move me, I can't hear it. At least, I can't hear the lyrics. There are a lot of songs that became hits because of the way they were executed and not because of the words. For example, has anyone considered the meaning behind, "You Are My Sunshine"?
  • Cheryl from CaliforniaOK, I don't get why people here think this is such a great song. At the time it was popular, I thought it was a real downer and still believe it. Makes you want to put your head in an oven and end it all!
  • Dave from SwitzerlandJeri, you are very much spot on correct.. Dean singing this again in 2014 is simply BEAUTIFUL!!! Which can be heard here
  • Jeri from Sanford Maine I really thought this song was so perfect it should never be redone. I was wrong. The 2014 version by Marmalade lead singer is even superior to the original. It's been awhile since listening to a song for the first time made me cry.
  • Greg from Gosford, Nsw, AustraliaGreat band, great lyrics, great music - like everyone else I grew up (about 15) with their music at the time and bought the K-Tel record because this song was on it.
  • Mark from Brighton, MichiganI believe I still have this on a K-Tel record from the early 70's. This was my all time favorite song for many years, and it still brings back many great memories.
  • John from Dallas, TexasThere is a brand new, 2014 recording of this song by original singer Dean Ford that's just incredible! Here's the YouTube link:
    You're welcome!! :)
  • Elaine from Plymouth DevonReflections of my Life is one of my all time Favorite Songs and is one Amazing Tune I never get tired of listening to. This is clearly the best version of this song with Dean Ford on Lead Vocals. I do like Sandy Newmans version also though. Also like Sandy Newman singing Falling apart at the seams. Does anyone know exactly when this clip was?? I've seen older black and white Versions on You Yube also.
  • Cindy from Berkeley, CaGreat song. Lots of feels listening to it. Love the video. Dean Ford was a hottie.
  • Ruth from Glasgow, United Kingdomi love this song so much.....the words and music are amazing....will be my funeral song for sure
  • Randy from Houghton Lake, MiWhen this song came out I was about 14 years old and the line about the world being a terrible place made me think about the Viet Nam war and all the other terrible things that happened in the 60s.
  • David from Lakeland, FlThis song was used in the movie Daltry Calhoun with Johnny Knoxville. Hearing unexpectedly in a movie just makes it larger then life. I love this song.
  • Adrian from Johor Bahru, MalaysiaAn appropriate song for anyone comtemplating suicide.
  • Cyndy from Ashland, WiActually had the 45 of this song back in the day. Still absolutely love it.
  • Claudio from Tijuana,Sounds like the acoustic guitar intro to "a day in the life" because is uses the same chord progression in the first 12 bars
  • Ed from Lake City, Fli have listened to this song a thousand times and it's as good now as back in 69, a true classic. i think i'll have it played at my wake
  • Linda from Fall River, MaAbsolutely beautiful song, Amazing harmonizing!!! Beautiful guitar playing also! This song came here to the States when I was 14, it has been one song that always stayed with me throughout the years. Loved it then, love it now! Always knew it had been sung by the Marmalades, never saw them until this week on "You Tube" Thank you "You Tube"!!!!! 7/24/08
  • Victor from New York, NyIs it me or the beginning of the song sound precisely like "A Day in the Life" By The Beatles?
    But any who, this song is awesome!
  • Giveusakiss from Geelong, AustraliaI think this song is just superb, but it's not the Marmalade's only good song. Check out songs such as 'Rainbow', 'Loving Things', 'Cousin Norman', 'Radancer', and 'Lady Of Katrine'. Dean Ford had a soft, soothing voice, and the band had great harmonies and great instrumental backing.
  • John from Fort Worth, TxThis song was used in a recent American (USA) documentary about a subject (good/bad/right/wrong) during the closing credits which was all very 'feel-good'. My memory recalled the song but I could not find it without much effort. I couldn't even identify the vocalists/band. I'm glad this song is is included here. It is worthy to be remembered through the ages.

    John Martin, 46, Fort Worth
  • Vallerius from Moscow, EuropeA stunning band really. So many fabulous songs they did! I particularly like Radancer and Falling Apart At The Seams.
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