Toy Soldiers

Album: Martika (1989)
Charted: 5 1
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  • This song is about drug addiction and how drugs can control you like children control their toys - Metallica's "Master Of Puppets" has a similar theme. In an interview that aired on VH1, Martika said that she wrote this song about a friend who was hooked on cocaine. >>
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    Camille - Toronto, OH
  • Martika (her real name is Marta Marrera) was born in May 1969 in Whittier, California. Her Cuban parents left their home country during a revolution. Martika started acting before launching a recording career, appearing in the film version of Annie in 1982 and on the TV series Kids Incorporated from 1984 to 1986. In 1988 her first single, the uptempo "More Than You Know," landed on the American charts; a year later, "Toy Soldiers" was released as the follow up."
  • Stacy Ferguson was one of the background singers on this track. She starred in Kids Incorporated with Martika and went on to become Fergie of Black Eyed Peas. >>
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  • Eminem sampled this on his 2004 song "Like Toy Soldiers."
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Comments: 17

  • Jess from Hollywood California It clearly tells you that fergie sang back up not any other from kid incorp.
  • Jeremy from Spokane, WaAlways liked this song. Even as a metal fan. I always thought of my old girlfriend when I heard this song. Especially in the verses. Just being so f*cking crushed after a bad breakup..Never knew it as about drugs? Interesting....I still feel like it can be interpreted in many ways. Such a beautiful song the way she does it. Love it.
  • Susan from Airdrie, AbThis was a great song - really deep in an era when deep, well, wasn't allowed... :)
  • Bo from Cincinnati, Ohwould anyone know who directed the music video for "Toy Soldiers" by Martika?
  • Gary from Austin Tx, TxThis was a freaking awesome song that has became part of my own recovery...for 30 years i was one of those soiders living in my addiction...iseen many of my friends take the fall...God Bless you Martika! Gary-Austin Texas
  • Amanda from Gretna, Vtgod i always thought this was about war and how it affected children. god im stupid. great song!
  • Frank from Los Angeles, CaThis is a really strong song with a powerful, hooky chorus and overall lyric. Very few songs have successfully taken on very serious issues with seriousness themselves without lacking insight or being preachy. This song does neither, like other excellent topical songs like "Running To Stand Still" by U2, and "99 Red Balloons" by Nena. Very good job. The overall sound is haunting as well. Empathetic, classy, and singable in the shower! What more could you want from a synth-rock-pop song?
  • Stephen from League City, TxKimberly Anne McCullough, aka Robin Scorpio from General Hospital, also sang backup on this song.
  • Derek from Moorestown, NjMartika's the lead singer of a goth pop group called Oppera now. the other kids singing background vocals in Toy Soldiers are Rashan Peterson, Renee Sandstrom, Alitzah Wiener, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. All Kids Incorporated alumni.
  • Mjn Seifer from Not Listed For Personal Reason, EnglandJesse, Haddam. You are obviously judging the meaning of this song from how the corus sonds. Look at and Listen to the lyrics. It is so about drugs.
  • Jesse from Haddam, Ct And how does this have anything to do with drugs? I thought it was like a little kiddies anthem of Santa's workshop! YEAH RIGHTTTTTT
  • Annabelle from Eugene, OrWhen I first heard this song, I seriously thought Martika was singing it with a group of children.
  • Ana from Lokev, Europereally good song. i find myself in it.
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InI use to drive for a living when this was big. I always liked this tune. It stood out from the music of "NKOTB", Debbie Gibson etc. that was so popular at the time.
  • Peter from Howard Beach, NyI like her version of the song better and at least you can understand her meaning of it
  • Marlow from Perth, Australiadoes anybody know where and what martika is doing these days..? im just curious
  • Leon from Waterbury, CtSupposingly, Martika dated Prince for some time in the early 90's.
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